Business Taxes: Sales Tax Problems

Sales Tax Problems: Contents

Sales Tax

Businesses across many industries are responsible for sales taxes.  Sales tax is a tax imposed by state tax authorities on the sale of goods.  Businesses that sell goods within a state are responsible for collecting this tax upon a sale.  The tax is paid by the consumer to the business and the business remits the tax (pays the money) to the appropriate state tax authority.

Sales Tax Problems

Because the tax is actually paid by the consumer, when a business fails to collect and/or remit, this can often lead to very serious sales tax issues for the business.  Some businesses find themselves in trouble because they didn’t know their sales were subject to sales tax.  Other businesses find themselves unable to remit the sales tax to the tax authorities due to cash flow issues.

We Can Help

Our tax professionals will work with your business to determine your sales tax requirements, identify any existing liability, establish a going-forward compliance protocol, and negotiate a plan with the state tax authorities to resolve your sales tax problems.  We will resolve your business tax issues so you can focus on running your business.

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