Individual Tax Services

We Help People Just Like YOU.

If you are reading this, you are likely an individual that has unpaid tax liability.  You may be receiving collection letters from the IRS and state tax authorities.  You may be having issues with your credit score.  You may have had your bank accounts frozen or your wages garnished.  You may even have a tax lien put on your home.  Don’t be stressed out, afraid, or continue to ignore these problems.  The good news is:  You are NOT ALONE.

Around 1 in 10 taxpayers in this country have unpaid tax liability.  That’s millions of people each year suffering from the same problems you are.  These are doctors, teachers, independent contractors, lawyers, truckers, and others from all walks of life.  Most often, individual tax debt is the result of unpaid or unfiled personal tax returns.  Some people didn’t request sufficient withholding.  Others may have unforeseen tax liability from 1099 (independent contractor) income or pass through income from their business.

We specialize in helping people just like you.  The process is simple.  We analyze your specific situation and concerns and develop a plan to use the current rules and programs available to resolve your tax problems.  Then we communicate and negotiate with the IRS and state tax authorities, and solve your tax problems once and for all.  At Tax Remedy USA, we are proud and happy to help people like you to fix their problems and get their life back on track.

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