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Innocent Spouse Relief

Many married taxpayers file a joint tax return.  Filing a joint tax return means that both taxpayers are jointly and individually responsible for the tax and any interest or penalties due on the joint return.  This is true even if they later get divorced.  A spouse can still be held responsible for all of the taxes due, even if all of the income was earned by the other spouse.  Innocent Spouse Relief Claims attempt to relieve or reduce the amount of tax, interest, and penalties otherwise due from a joint tax return for the spouse that did not earn the money.  There are three basic programs to achieve this, each with different qualifications and requirements:  (i) Innocent Spouse Relief, (ii) Separation of Liability, and (iii) Equitable Relief.  Our team of tax professionals will help you to figure out which program(s) you qualify for, and which program best suits your needs.

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