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Payment Plans

If you are in a position where you CAN pay your tax debt, but need some time to pay it off, our team of tax professionals can help you.  We help you by negotiating a monthly payment plan with the IRS, called an “Installment Agreement” that is reasonable, based on your income, allowable monthly expenses, and the time remaining under the statute of limitations related to your tax debt.  There are several different types of Installment Agreements available, including but not limited to, (i) a Streamlined Installment Agreement using IRS Form 9465, (ii) a Fresh Start Streamlined Installment Plan, which requires less financial information to be disclosed, (iii) a Partial Payment Installment Agreement, which provides you with a monthly amount that you can pay and debt forgiveness for the remainder of your tax debt, and (iv) a Tiered Installment Plan, which provides you with a lower monthly payment to get you through the first year of the agreement followed by a larger monthly payment after you have overcome your personal difficulties.  Each of these programs have their own requirements and limitations.  Our team of tax professionals will help you to figure out which program(s) you qualify for, and which program best suits your needs.

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